Are you interested in working as a volunteer?

In our Cloud Forest Reserve Chelemhá, San Pedro Carchá, A.V, we offer several opportunities.  Support us as a

  • builder / carpenter/ generalist
  • gardener / forester / agronomist / biologist/
  • English teacher for the children of the family in
    charge of Chelemhá Lodge (12 and 10 years)

There are many possibilities to join and work with us in this unique area.

We are always thankful to welcome persons like you, who want to contribute to protect this little paradise in the mountains of the green Verapaces. Please contact us to obtain more information.

It is our pleasure to give you more detailed information about a possible stay as volunteer in Chelemhá.


Help to improve conditions to persons needed.

With your donation, you will contribute that Maya Q’eqchie families in  Chelemhá area can live a better life, health and education conditions.

Please make your deposit to the following banking account: Banrural, UPROBON, San Pedro Carchá, account no. 3124010117 (en US$ o en Quetzales)


Your donation is highly appreciated!


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