• Get to know the Cloud Forest Reserve Chelemhá, San Pedro Carchá, A.V. national and international wide and through a visit make our guests as well as the local people becoming aware of the vital place and its hugh biodiversity being in danger.
  • Honour and respect the Maya Q’eqchi  culture in every days life as well as in the teamwork.
  • Work an alternative agriculture by utilizing fully the subtropical clime of Chelemhá, sowing fruit trees, vegetable and/or ornamental plants.
  • Work out sustainable agricultural models in order to maintain the fertility of the soil, improve the production in agricultural areas available and avoid cut forests.
  • Restart selling local products for subsistence as well as for the local market and hence enable the local families to have an income.

Redacción: Lilian Hässig, Armin Schumacher, Rudy Botzoc

Fotos: Juan Carlos Lemus, Rudy Botzoc, Carlos Echevarria, Rodrigo Pop, Roland Rumm, Luke Seitz,

Design: Bajo Cero Films