• 2018

    Products from the Cloud Forest Reserve Chelemhá, San Pedro Carchá, A.V. like jam can be sold in urban areas in Alta Verapaz and in Guatemala City.

  • 2017

    In collaboration with the Association Naru from Antigua/Guatemala sustainable programs for the cultivation of vegetable are elaborated. The aim of the program is to give a more varied alimentation to the people. Activities are programed in the exhibited parcels and with families whose children suffer undernourishment.

    Collegues from Naru and Armin Schumacher work in the field while Elvira Xo Cac, Armin’s wife, works with the women in their kitchen.

  • 2014

    Under the lead of Armin Schumacher, school teachers and through activities in exhibited parcels of the protected area, it is possible to work with the students from 4th to 6th grade on environmental topics. What does it mean to cultivate in a sustainable way? What are the possibilities for a more varied alimentation? How can we prepare organic compost? The team tought these and other issues to local Q’eqchi families with the objective to have a more varied alimentation and therefore having a positive effect on their health.

  • 2012

    Construction and installation of our own mini hydroelectric power station. Chelemhá Lodge now is connected to the Internet.

  • 2010

    In two neighbourhood schools, UPROBON contracts two teachers for the student’s formation of environmental topics.

  • 2007

    Visit of the fotographer Thor Janson, also wild life conservationist, author, adventurer and educator

    Opening of Chelemhá Lodge. The host Armin Schumacher and his team receive guests from many different parts of the world.
    All the persons working in the team live in the neighborhood of Chelemhá Ldoge.

    The products we use to prepare a delicious menu for our guests, are being cultivated from the very beginning in the demonstrative parcels.

    We seed tradicional cultives such as corn, beans, ajote, chile and not tradicional cultives such as diferent fruits, vegetables and Baya Fruit.

  • 2003

    With the purchase of 172 ha of additional land, it is possible not only to connect Chelemhá to the other private natural reserves Kantishul, Chinajux and Sechinaux but also to protect the upper part of the Yalijux Mountains. The purchase of the land is supported by Naturschutzbund Deutschland (Regional Group Erzgebirge), Artenschutz Foundation, PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program and private donators.

  • 2003-2015

    Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño from CAYAYA BIRDING and the Monitoring Program of Birds  of  PROEVAL RAXMU are consultants for the Private Natural Reserve Chelemhá in the area of fundraising,  capacity building of local guides, in ornitologial investigation, publicity and communication.

  • 2002-2004

    Markus Reinhard designes and together with his team of Muebles Tontem constructs Chelemhá Lodge including its furniture.
    The support of the voluntaries Philip, Ueli, Sascha, Stephan, Beni and David is essential during the period of construction, which is funded by FONACON and UPROPON.

  • 2002

    Chelemhá is declared as a Private Natural Reserve by CONAP, national authority of protected areas. Susanne Friedrich, student at the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany prepares the application for this process.

  • 2000

    UPROBON (Unión para Proteger el Bosque Nuboso) is being founded with the aim to take care of Chelemhá Cloud Forest

  • 1999-2000

    Reforestation with pine tres (Pinus maximinoi), supported by INAB (Instituto Nacional de Boques, National Forest Institut), in adjacent areas to Cloud Forest Reserve Chelemhá, San Pedro Carchá, A.V.

  • 1997

    Motivated by their adventurous spirit and interest in conserving tropical forests, Armin Schumacher, Markus Reinhard and Vera Hurschler buy Finca Chelemhá.

  • From 2002 to today

    Ongoing Reforestation of broad leafed trees with local species.

  • Before 1997

    Efforts to protect the Cloud Forest Reserve Chelemhá, San Pedro Carchá, A.V. start in 1958, when Alfredo Schleehauf buys Chelemhá in order to conserve the hábitat of the Quetzal Bird (Jonathan E. Maslow. 1986: Bird of life, bird of death. Simon Schuster, New York).
    Chelemhá therefore can be considered to be the first reserve for the conservation of the Quetzal Bird in Guatemala.

  • Breve historia

    In 1997, Markus Reinhard, Armin Schumacher and Vera Hurschler from Switzerland buy Finca Chelemhá and start the iniciative to conserve this area.


Redacción: Lilian Hässig, Armin Schumacher, Rudy Botzoc

Fotos: Juan Carlos Lemus, Rudy Botzoc, Carlos Echevarria, Rodrigo Pop, Roland Rumm, Luke Seitz,

Design: Bajo Cero Films