How to get to us

From Cobán or Purulha to Tucurú, it takes you about 1 ½ hours on asphalted and gravel road. From Tucurú to Chelemhá you will need a 4 wheel drive car with high tyres as that part of the journey is all gravel road. Calculate about 2 hours for the 25 km up to Chelemhá.

If you are driving your own car, we will send you a detailed map, as there are no signs on the road.

If you don’t have a 4 wheel drive car, it is our pleasure to organize a pick up vehicle for you.
In one pick up there is space for 3 persons, if you are a group of 4 or more persons, it is no problem to provide another vehicle.

1 Pickup (max. 3 persons)  Price
Tucurú – Chelemhá – Tucurú Q 1’100.– / US$ 150.–
Cobán – Chelemhá – Cobán Q 1’760.– / US$ 241.–
Biotopo Purulha – Chelemhá – Biotopo Purulha Q 1’760.– / US$ 241.–


Important: Any transportation must be reserved in advance. 


Redacción: Lilian Hässig, Armin Schumacher, Rudy Botzoc

Fotos: Juan Carlos Lemus, Rudy Botzoc, Carlos Echevarria, Rodrigo Pop, Roland Rumm, Luke Seitz,

Design: Bajo Cero Films